Discovering shopping areas in and around San Antonio, Texas with an emphasis on thrift shops and resale shops.

by Annie

shopping with annie

Hi!  My name is Anne Macaulay and I love to shop in unusual and out-of-the-way places.  I have lived in San Antonio, Texas for twenty-one years.

Now that my husband and I are in the first stages of our “next chapter” after pursuing our careers, I have time to explore those kinds of places that are all around us.  You know when you are working, raising a family and living your busy life, you pass these places and say to yourself that you will stop by that cute little shop when you have time someday.  For me that someday is now.  I thought that now that I have the time, I can seek out these hidden treasures and let you know if they are worth your time.

Join me here to find out where this journey takes us.